6 PGYTECH Accessories for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom

The DJI Mavic 2 drones have been out for a couple of weeks now and just like the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro a lot of third-party accessories are starting to hit the market. So here’s a few products from PGYTECH that are going to be valuable accessories for your Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom.

The first accessory we’ll talk about is the Control Stick Protector. This product really came about a while back when the DJI Mavic Pro came out, because in the first edition of the Mavic as well as the Spark you weren’t able to take off the remote control sticks. With the Mavic Sir as well as the new Mavic 2 you’re able to take off of the stick. So if you have the Mavic Pro – or the Mavic Pro gear you’re able to remove the joysticks just like that.

What you have here is a protector that protects the sticks from getting banged around while in transit. Take out the remote control stick protector and it just cut in the back to fit right around the sticks. This is also made to protect your screen. You can leave your sticks on and all you have to do is place these right over the joysticks that way. Now the joysticks are protected from getting banged around while you’re in transit so you can now throw this into your backpack of your bag and not have to worry about the sticks getting jammed or snapped off if you have something like this on.

The next product we’ll talk about is the Propeller Holders for the DJI Mavic Pro 2 for those that want to travel with your Mavic and you don’t have a case yet. Something like this is also a good alternative for you to protect the propellers from getting stuck on anything inside of your bag.

The propeller folder comes in two pieces: the first piece is a top rubber piece which is formed to fit right over this props of your Mavic Pro 2. Another piece is gel rubber piece that is placed on the bottom of your Mavic 2 Pro. These would form fit to cover up your sensors and your camera on the bottom of the Mavic 2 drone. Propeller folders really protect and keep the propellers in place.

The next product we have here is the Gopro Adapter for the DJI Mavic 2 and this product is really meant to give you a little bit more creative freedom with it. They’ve had something similar to these for the some of the previous drones but what I liked about this one is that it is a solid piece of ABS plastic that form fits right to the top of your Mavic 2 Pro and this even color match.

All you have to do is put that Gopro Adapter on top of your drone and make sure it clicks down. Now have a form-fitting plastic piece that is able to carry a 1/4” right on top. Usually you carry an action camera right on top of your drone for the best filming experience ever.

Next let’s talk about the Remote Controller Clasp. This is kind of like a lanyard for your remote controller. It’s basically just a few pieces and one of the first pieces here is a clamp or a clip that goes on the inside of your remote controller. It’s a metal clip that is actually shaped to go right around the body of the remote control and then the other part is the lanyard piece that would go around your neck. You can also adjust it through the back if you want it a little bit tighter. The only downside is it is covering your screen just a little bit and PGYTECH is trying to kind of compensate for it by making it a very thin string. As of right now haven’t had any issues with it with my phone. I did use it a bunch of times and had no problems.

The next accessory we have here is the Landing Gear Extension and LED headlamp set. There’s actually two separate sets that they sell: one without the light and one with a light. This is the set with the two lights attached.

So the first you want to do is just turn your drone upside down to install the front two legs. So all I do is to put it on and off – it just really go real slow and just do it a really small wiggle back and forth until they pop off. When you put them on slide first and then wiggle them on slowly while you’re supporting the antenna and the leg with your other hand. They’re just held on by pressure and there’s also a little bit of rubber on the inside of it to keep it from slipping out.

Ideally you want to be able to launch off of a pad or a concrete or something flat without any dirt or debris around. I personally will normally just hand launch or hand catch if I’m in a situation like this but a lot of people that aren’t really comfortable doing that you’re gonna want to be able to safely launch it up in case you are in area where you have rocks, dirt, debris, tall weeds or some grass around. And these light extensions do help you bring that entire DJI Mavic 2 off the ground give you a little bit more clearance that way. When you do take off you feel a bit more comfortable having the camera and the gimbal off the ground.

The last accessory we have here is the ND Filters for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom. This set actually comes with four filters: we have the ND 8 PL, ND 16 PL, ND 32 and ND 64 PL. The filters come in this hard plastic case which is really cool. They are all separated with a foam on the inside to keep it nice and safe and secure.

To install the filters support the camera on the gimbal with one hand and with the other hand put pressures on the corners and you have to push in and clockwise and it’ll then rotate the filter off.

Here are shots comparison with different filders on and off:

I hope this guide about DJI Mavic 2 accessories was helpful for you.