Best DJI Mavic Pro Accessories: My Top 10 Accessories That I Use Everyday

Hi, this is Andrew from In this post about the tremendous DJI Mavic Pro we want to take a look at the top 10 most awesome accessories for our little bird. I must say that I tested plenty of accessories for the drone and you will find even more good accessories on but let’s get to the topic right now.

The first accessory we want to focus on it’s pretty basic but I’m so grateful that it exists: the multiple battery charger allows you to charge up to four batteries one after another. No more getting up at night just to plug in the new battery to be able to get started in the morning! Also, did you know that there are two different multiple battery chargers available for the DJI Mavic Pro: the new charger charges the battery is approximately 2.5 hours faster than the older cheaper model. You will find these products following the this link for the new version or this for the older one.

Next in line is another gadget that I really like a lot: the template holder for the DJI Mavic Pro remote controller (check the price). You simply insert the bottom plate into the phone holder and can then attach your iPad or another tablet. It’s simple effective and pretty useful especially if you want to focus on precisely recording footage. And finally it’s pretty cheap as well.

And what if you’re still planning on using your phone with your Mavic? In this case you might be interested in some hood: (link) you attach it to the antenna and it will keep reflections away and your display brightness won’t suffer anymore. For transportation it folds down and is completely flat.

There’s one situation that every drone pilot probably wants to avoid and that is running out of power with our mobile devices. Actually that happened a couple of times to me and I really think we’re not having a good time when that happens – we simply cannot film it anymore, we cannot set anything up – it’s pretty simple. That is why I bought this huge power bank (link to the price) even though there are smaller ones available. You should go for one of these big ones. This one features more than 20,000 milliamp hours which finally means that I could charge my phone a couple of times and if I forget to charge the power bank next time I’m again running out of power and still the power bank has enough power to power the mobile device. Now that was many powers but you get what this is about (and actually this thing has saved my life what a couple of times) and they’re pretty cheap so check it out by clicking on this link.

Let’s continue our Mavic Pro accessories review! Once I wanted to film some more footage but I ran out of power – the Mavic isn’t powered anymore. So how can I solve that problem? Ta-da! You just check out the ultimate car charger made by DJI (check the price) for the intelligent flight batteries! You can simply charge the batteries inside your car I am absolutely in love with the car charger. Also you can take the multiple batteries charger and attach it to the car charger and then charge four batteries one after another in your car. That is pretty cool if you’re like me and feel like living in your car or if you’re travelling a lot or whatever. I think the car charger is amazing and I think everyone should have one if you’re flying your DJI Mavic Pro on a daily basis.

Finding a safe and comfortable carrying solution was pretty tough but I finally ended up using this decent looking case (buy on It is really cheap – check the price if you don’t believe me – and it does the job. You can fit the most needed accessories into it but there’s one con to it as well: it stinks badly. I put mine outdoors for two days and right now I think I’m OK with the smell but still it smells like plastics. But compared to all the other cases and bags out there this inexpensive solution is pretty cool and I can live with it .

If you’re not using a tailored case you might think of protecting the fragile joysticks as they are kind of the weak spot of the remote controller. This cheap 3d printed bracket (link) can be applied to the remote controller and it will ensure a safe transportation.

Ok, we’ve been talking about so many basic things let’s get a little funkier right now. You can strengthen the signal and increase the maximum range of your drone by buying 3d printed boosters (check the price) as well. I’m using them from time to time but next to the technical improvement I should mention that the range extenders won’t hurt your warranty as you do not need to install anything. That’s something really cool about them as most other range extenders need to be installed and powered and that of course leads to a lot of the warranty problems.

Next in line I want to talk about a common problem in which the drone doesn’t want to take off and often grants touching the camera. The technology causes the problem as the body of the Mavic Pro to the tiny size is situated only a few inches above the ground. I have two methods that work out quite well: you can either use the takeoff landing pad (price) – it’s a little bigger but you won’t have any further problem or you choose the landing gear extension (link to the price) that lists the mapping a little higher off the ground.

Last set is an absolute must-have for every ambitious film-maker and photographer: nd filters (check the price) bring down the shutter speed and create pro looking footage with ease.

So that’s all DJI Mavic Pro accessories that I find the best at the moment.