DJI Inspire 2 vs Inspire 1 PRO RAW

Hi I’m Andrew from and back here with the Inspire 2 and the Inspire one Pro we’re going to do a side-by-side comparison.

Spec Inspire 2 Inspire 1 Pro
Size (L×W×H) 28,7 x 27,1 x 12,5 inches 13 inches (diagonal size)
Take off Weight 7.7 lbs 7.7 lbs
Camera 1″ CMOS; 28 MP; 5.2K RAW 1” CMOS; 16 MP; 4K RAW
Gimbal 3 axis 3 axis
Hover Time ~27 minutes ~ 18 minutes
Range 4,3 miles up to 4 miles
Price Check on Check on

And already you can see a big difference – one is the color and second – the size. So we’ve been charging the Inspire 2 battery and check this out: not only does it stay lit but when it’s charged would also give you a sound warning like “beep, beep, beep”. It’s been pretty annoying but we know it’s charged.

The Inspire 1 PRO and the Inspire 2 have a few differences. This is the new cockpit view camera – is what DJI is calling it – stabilized gimbal pretty cool and the Inspire 2 has the obstacle avoidance sensors when the Inspire 1 PRO has none. The new camera Zenmsuse X5s has this extended piece here that locks on. The new x5s has one single single mount – it doesn’t have any extension and you can also notice that it’s a three point contact for the for the stabilizer. The PRO one has one two three four as well.

What you also notice is the motors: if you can see that the motors got this little locking clip and I’m going to show you that with the the propellers in a few minutes. So what else can I say – let’s turn these around.

Both drones are pretty heavy and we’ve got the two batteries here. The Inspire 2 TB-47 at 4500 milliamp hours and the Inspire 1 Pro TB-50 are 4280mAh. The TB-50s are 26.1 volts. The batteries are hot swappable that means we can take one battery out and leave the aircraft running and the reason that’s a good thing is because the GPS is all set, the camera is all set, everything, all your settings will be all set and you don’t want to tamper with.

So the way to do that if you look at the back button you can see it looks kind of funky and the reason for that is so you can pull out one battery. So let’s pull this one out by pushing the outer button and that will let you take out the right battery. If you want to take out the other battery once you put this in unless you have a pen to just push in the center. I think it’s a great idea to actually hold on to this and then you can pull out the battery while still having the other one on

Landing gear are a lot slimmer, it uses a rubber puck to cushion it. If you look at the Inspire 1 there’s actually fluid in its landing gears and oil field. And it’s got a spring and that’s how it cushions its landing. The locking mechanisms pretty much the same but they’ve added an extra feature.

AS for the props there’s actual pressure points here that you need to press down to unlock it. It’s a pretty cool safety feature. It has a matte finish, a little bit more sturdier and it’s actually an inch longer so that means the distance between the arms should be a lot longer as well. So we have 15 inch props here and 14 inch thirteen and a half inches for this prop there so that means that the old Inspire One PRO props – even though it’s shorter and can fit the distance between motor and aircraft – you can’t use the old Inspire one propellers on the new Inspire 2 drone.

There is no SD card on the camera for the X5s. The x5 still has the SD card – it needs to be placed here and I never really liked this because once you put the SD card in and I always have problems taking them so really glad that they move the SD card off of the camera and put it onto the side there.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro battery has integrated heating: you actually have to initiate it before you put it in. You do that by pressing a three for three seconds and it should show you the bars indicating that the integrated heating system is on.

Those are the differences that we’ve seen so far.