DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review: Unboxing And Flying the Drone!

Hey guys it’s Andrew from and today we’re gonna be moving out the old and bringing in the new. Because I recently got myself a brand new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. I’m gonna be unboxing this quadcopter, setting it up and testing it out and of course flying it around for some time.

Model DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
Size (L×W×H) 3,2×3,2×7,7 inches (folded)
Camera 1/2.3” CMOS; 12.35 MP; Cinema 4K: 4096×2160 24p
Hover Time ~23 minutes
Range 4,5 miles; depends on weather conditions
Price Check on


So first off let’s obviously get to unboxing this drone and seeing what is inside this box. As you can see on the outside really doesn’t have much other than this picture, but actually opening it up (just pushing the handle opens it right up) inside you’ll see obviously the actual drone itself.

You also have the remote controller which is a lot heavier than you’d expect. Actually, this thing is like heavier than my Phantom 3 Standard controller and that thing’s giant.

This controller already has a built-in Lightning port so I believe you can swap this out from micro USB but it comes with lightning cable. DJI Mavic Pro Platinum comes with a USB-C cable and it also comes with a micro USB so if you have one of those two then you should be all set for flying with the remote but if not then you can just plug in your phone on the USB port on the actual remote. Also inside the box you find bunch of paperwork. Also then here in the bottom is the actual power brick for charging the battery.

There are two more sets of props and these ones are not the Platinum tipped props which is sad because if I break the Platinum ones those are the only ones that I’ll ever have unless I purchase other Platinum ones. So that appears to be everything that comes inside the box hence let’s just set this box aside and let’s take a look at the drone itself.

Remote Controller

To get the drone into flying position you just open up the actual legs by pulling them out. The actual wingspan is about the same of the Phantom 3 Standard but obviously folded out.

This was quick first impressions of the drone itself so let’s just set this to the side really quick and take a look at the remote controller. Like it said earlier, your phone can be placed in the remote controller which actually plugs directly into the phone. You don’t have to use Wi-Fi to connect to your drone like some of the older drones that require that. It’s got more dedicated buttons like the higher up models: a dedicated button for recording, a dedicated button for taking photos and then also on the front here there’s a pause button. There’s also little thing right here which I assume probably controls what is on this screen. And then there’s also the power button of course and the return to home button right there.

I am going to run some firmware updates on the drone and the controller and make sure everything is up to date and then make sure everything’s charged as well and then we’re gonna fly the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Flying Mavic Pro Platinum

First off, with actually starting up of course you have to go and take off the gimbal protector. Once again, got this little plastic piece it holds the camera in really nice place when you’re traveling with it, especially traveling in luggage. I’ve traveled with it now for a while. Next up you have to pull out the so then you can actually control this thing. Moving on to power on the remote: you just press and hold and the drone will power on after that.

Set the quadcopter down on a flat surface and just press and hold the power button. Press once then you hold and that will power on the drone. This is like any other DJI drone.

One thing that I already noticed about actually placing your phone in the remote controller: it fits in nice and it goes in well. The design concept is good but actually getting it out of the controller sucks because every single time that you do that it removes the cable as well so you have to place it back into the controller which is quite annoying.

Taking off as usual: you just do the typical taking off with either pushing the sticks to the center or outside or just using the app takeoff button which I’m just gonna be launching manually. Mavic is so much quieter than the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 Pro I can just tell you that now. Like it is insane how much more quiet it is so it doesn’t really scare many people when you’re using it in public and get a lot less attention so that’s a good thing.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re actually flying this is to make sure that you are focusing your camera because this camera is not like the Phantom’s camera. If you’ve had any other DJI drone such as the Phantom 3 or maybe even Phantom 4 you know that their cameras are set to a specific focus so everything’s always in focus, but with this Mavic Pro Platinum it actually has the capability of focusing on certain objects as you can see right now:

While actually flying this thing one thing that I’ve noticed that’s different from like Phantom series drones is these controls. The actual joysticks are a heck a lot different than the Phantom 4, for example. They have more spring to them so if you pull one down it like springs back much faster than older models and it doesn’t have the lock feature when actually pulling down on the left joystick. So that might be a plus for you or who knows, stock out of the box.

The gimbal moves quite quickly so you can change that by just going into settings. In general it moves a little bit smoother so that’s nice. There is special red pause button on the remote and if you are in any of the special flight modes such as Tripod mode, Follow Me mode or others then you can just press that and it stops it, stops the drone right where it. It doesn’t like make it plummet to the ground but it stops that mode. So if you’re about to run into something it’s really nice to have that button.

Also the little joystick button that does not control stuff on this actual screen and you can change it to control really anything, so I have it set so when you press down it takes you to the specific mode screen. And then I also have moving it left to zoom in. Moving it right to zoom out but 4k does not support zooming in and out so I don’t actually have that going right now. Moving it down moves the camera directly down, moving up does the opposite.

With all this wind there’s drone seems to fly good; nine mile an hour winds right now and with it being out by the ocean probably a little bit worse. I’m getting the high wind velocity error or caution just to fly safe so it’s probably pretty windy over there right now. But you get some pretty awesome shots with these modes anyway.

As soon as I press this pause button it just immediately stops the drone where it is in its path so it just stops what you’re doing and just prevents the mode from continuing on. But also on the back there are two buttons: the c1 and c2. They can be programmed to do whatever you want as well. I have the left set to autofocus in the center and then the right c2 brings up playback. But since I’m currently taking a video it actually won’t go to playback but if I press c2 when I’m not recording or taking a photo it will go to playback which is pretty awesome.

So this Platinum drone can sure get some speed, it’s pretty fast but this is even without sports mode. You can get into sports mode by flicking the little switch on the side of the remote controller and you can get up to really fast, insanely fast speeds and it’s really awesome.

The battery life on this thing is really amazing as well. It’s better than older Mavic Pro and Air. The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum has a battery life of 30 minutes and you can really fly for a long time. You can have a lot of fun with this Mavic because that’s so much better battery life than the other drones in the market.

This thing can hold its position a whole lot better than the older versions and one reason why is because this actually has dual GPS in it: it has GLONASS and the other GPS.

The overall image sharpness is really great so now that I’ve flown it around for quite a bit I’m gonna bring it back home and just say some last final things about this drone and we will jump to the conclusions.

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth design
  • Small & durable
  • Very fast & stable
  • Very long flying time
  • Easy to fly & operate
  • A lot of flight modes available
  • Not that many improvements over the original Mavic Pro
  • Some may find it a little pricey


All right so now that I’ve landed this thing just a couple general things to say about this because I just touched the surface of what the Mavic Pro Platinum can actually do. I can’t put everything that this does in a single review post as it has so many new features that I have not even used yet and many new things that I’ve never had available to me before on the Phantom drones so this thing is amazing.

First off I just want to say that it’s great how small it is. I never realized how convenient it would be to have a drone that can pulled up to this compact of a size. It’s insane, it folds down so quickly and easily and then you just have to put the gimbal protector on and then front-facing sensors and the downward facing sensors are also really great features to have because if you’re flying and you’re about to hit something then they will sense it. But it also can be a little bit annoying sometimes i.e. if you’re getting close to an object that you’re wanting to take a video of, your controller may start beeping and being like “Yo, you’re getting close to something!”. But that’s fine since you can use disable it in settings the remote.

This drone is so small but so durable. I don’t want to drop my Platinum quad but it is really heavy so it feels really premium built. One thing that is a little bit strange to go about is that because of it is such compact size and all that it can do on it actually has a small fan in it. So when you’re flying in warmer condition this band can get a little loud. I didn’t really hear it but you might face it in very quiet environment. But as soon as it’s taken off and is away then you can’t even really hear it.

It’s a pretty hefty device in such a small package so it’s really awesome. I really like the color like I’ve said before looks amazing and the quietness of the actual drone is amazing.

One last thing I just want to say about this remote controller is I really enjoy it having this little screen here it’s actually really nice having a dedicated screen with all the peripherals that are need to know when flying your drone so if the app crashed or something like that all the most important information would still be right here. Along with the return to home button on the top left of the controller which really helps. Also all the little buttons on here that you can customize is amazing as well.

So that’s it for this DJI Mavic Pro Platinum review! I hope you enjoyed it and I’m going to review other drones in the future time as well or may be write more stuff about battery and flying this awesome quadcopter.