DJI Mavic Pro Props vs Mavic Pro Platinum Props

Hey what’s up guys it’s Andrew from and I wanted to write a short post about comparing original DJI Mavic pro propellers and the new one that come with the Mavic Pro Platinum drone.

There’s a lot of rumours circulating that if buy these new props will they increase flight time so decided to check this info for you guys to see if there’s any difference. Of course the new DJI Pro Platinum is and upgraded version of the Mavic Pro and it’s gonna have the new props but the biggest difference to is that it has updated ESC or electronic speed controllers on the Platinum. So that combination will of course make a difference.

But for majority of people out there that just have their Mavic Pro – they want to know if they should but the new Platinum model – I’ll do this comparison.

Ok, so let’s see if there’s any difference with just putting on the props on the Mavic Pro as far as flight time goes that’s what we’ll find out. So I’m doing testing right now, I’m letting it run but the main reason I wanted to come out to this location is I wanted to – as you can see – use a platform that has a lot of contrast so the vision positioning can really grab on to something. So it’ll eliminate anything that’s like drifting or stuff like that.

Another thing I wanted to let you know is I wanted to shoot where there’s a little bit of tree line or leaves that way you can really tell how much wind or if there’s any wind. And right now there’s almost little to no wind.

So I wanted to make sure that was in this shot so you can actually see how much wind or wind resistance there is which is pretty much nothing. And then also I wanted to be able to shoot against the blue sky that way the drone is isolated. So I’ll be able to see if there’s any movement because of the contrast between the drone in the sky.

So I suppose the reason why I picked this location contrast for the vision positioning to lock it into place tree lines so I can actually visually see if there’s any wind. With the blue sky I can see how much drift is happening.

After the tests I’ve concluded I must say that there is a big difference between the Platinum props and the original ones. The upgraded ESC might give us some better time flight time (almost 1 extra minute) and also these new props are much quieter versus the old ones.