DJI Phantom 4 Pro: Pros and Cons of the Drone

Hi everyone it’s Andrew from and today I’m going to be sharing some of my experiences with the Phantom 4 Pro which are the pros and the ons.

We’re gonna start off with remote. One thing I can’t say about the remote – it is very familiar – you guys have all seen it if you had a Phantom 3 three series, Pro or if you had the recently Phantom 4 Pro. One nice thing about this remote: it’s been upgraded to the 2.4 and at 5.8 gigahertz so you get better range but what I’ve noticed from this bird is when I’m flying with this remote I’m getting a lot of loss of video feed so that is one of the drawbacks. Another drawback I complain about they didn’t put a HDMI standard in here, it would’ve been nice additional to put a standard HDMI in here.

I do like about the remote as well is you can put a range of your own tablets on a special place whether it be an iPad or Samsung. One of the reasons why I got this one instead of the plus is because I like choosing whatever monitor I want to put on here instead of being stuck with the 5 inch display. It’s great that it’s nice and bright but as of right now you can’t even put your own apps on there, you can’t even put any third-party apps so I would prefer to be able to put my own third-party apps on there and do what I want to do.

Now as far as the rest of the remote the only other problem I have is over a certain amount of distance I get a lot of video feed that’s getting broken up. That can be a big problem for me sometimes and that could be a little bit annoying and another thing I’ve notice is when I’m on a tablet doesn’t matter if you’re on the phone or tablet with a resolution that’s FullHD or above because it only streams in 720p anyway, so that’s not going to make a difference.

The problem I have is when you’re are streaming and you’re looking at the screen it looks perfectly fine but then when you get home, SD card is out and you put it in your computer you look and you notice “Oh, the camera wasn’t quite in focus!” so that’s probably more of you know only being able to see in 720p. And it also falls into actual focusing of the camera not acting correctly.

So with that being said it could be one or the other the positive things about the actual Phantom 4 Pro. It’s nice and sleek the body is nice and sturdy, obviously. The way the props come on and off is really nice how that the props lock on there. And of course the upgrades! You can’t beat the upgrades!

The new wonderful Phantom 4 Pro camera is 20 megapixel camera with one hundred megabits per second bitrate. The whole nine at the new active shutter which is really nice and you know of course it’s got the new 360 degree obstacle avoidance and of course the sensors at the bottom so you got five side obstacle avoidance going down and all the way around.

One thing I can say though all that stuff is nice it is great but there’s also some cons to it too. One thing I’ve noticed as far as the bad part about it is starting off with the obstacle avoidance. I notice if you’re going this way or if you’re going this way where you’ve got these blind spots on here it doesn’t pick up and you’re going to hit something if you’re not paying attention. It doesn’t work that well going in those directions so that’s it. That’s slightly a downfall.

Another thing too is I found out that these infrared sensors located at the back of the drone work well at night and they should consider putting some here in the front because even though we have the no flight at nighttime you still have the Twilight mode which means you can fly thirty minutes before so it’s still kind of dark outside. So if you had that that would actually be kind of nice.

Another thing I’ve also noticed is the gimbal. Sometimes it makes a little screeching noise when you turn on the Phantom or you turn it off. You hear like a street noise when you turn it on and that’s another thing I noticed.

Another problem that found is the horizon tilt. It happens all the time after all the calibrations I’ve done and multiple times still get this horizon tilt when you’re flying sometimes and that would be slightly annoying sometimes. Also after the firmware update the Pro version just have this real hard shaking that makes it very unstable when you’re taking up and right after you land.

When the props are winding down it gets that shutter effect again that’s probably got to be some sort of firmware issue because after I did the front wear update that’s when that actually started. So hopefully the next firmware update will get that problem solved.

Another problem that I see is – which I think DJI should address – this is leaving this gimbal cable loose right here. I mean this cable right here is not protected at all. So I think that’s not a good idea as if you crash this drone chances are you’re going to have to send it back to DJI to get it fixed.

Another thing is this gimbal cannot be separated from the Phantom 4 Pro so if you have a crash test and you do any damage to this gimbal you’re going to send it back.

Another problem that I see what it is it doesn’t have any gimbal protection on the drone. Once again, you can buy protection but it as much this bird cost it should it came with the quadcopter in the box. Other than that it is fantastic.

The good things about P4 Pro is the app. It is very intuitive and it’s very easy to use. It’s got a lot of new flight modes on it and that’s actually fairly nice. Bad thing about that it is constantly crashing. It does it has a lot of compatibility issues with Android and iOS. Another thing that I found out it doesn’t support previous models which I think if you’re going to upgrade your app you should still be able to fly all the other models with it. I think the older app by far was way more stable than this one.

Sometimes it makes flying a phantom for kind of dangerous because you could be flying the drone and everything’s going great and then the app crashes and you just rely on remote to fly the drone back. So if you’re a novice at this you’re definitely better learn how to fly the Phantom 4 Pro without the screen practice. Without the screen because a lot of times the app is going right now and then it’s going to glitch out on you and you’re going to have to fly manually. Once you lost transmission it’s going to have to reboot all over before you get transmission again. So that could be kind of annoyance.

Other than that the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is fantastic I love flying it. I think a lot of issues that I see it’s in the firmware and if they could do something to fix most of the problems as far as the gimbal tilt, the app crashing and things like that would be the best drone on the market today. Hopefully they can fix that on the next firmware update but until then we’re just going to have to deal with it.